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Walk the Walk for HEALTH and Wellness results

We had almost 100 individuals accept the challenge to be healthier before the “New Year Resolutions.” That Equates to approximately 2,500 miles in 30 days which is like walking from California to Georgia before the end of the month! The distance from San Diego to Savannah Georgia is about 2,671 miles.

US 80 Route Southern Pacific Tour



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Over $2000 was donated to One80 Place to help with the health and wellness of those with needs.




The Challenge 2018


The Invitation is here. The Challenge is on. 25 miles in 30 days.

We all know about the basic principles of HEALTH and Wellness including good nutrition, restorative sleep and of course regular exercise. That is why I am inviting you to accept a challenge to “Walk the Walk”. The benefits of exercise are realized with as little as a 30 minute walk most days of the week. So, if you are up for a challenge, I will be awarding you the “I Walk the Walk for HEALTH and Wellness” T-shirt in January if you walk 25 miles in two of the next three months (October, November and December). We work on the honor system so if you walk, I applaud you with no questions asked. It is that easy.

Please let me know if you accept this challenge (and include your T-shirt size) by e-mailing



Based on the number of participants, a donation will be made to One 80 Place.


Individualized Care

Personalized Medical Care

Getting to know each other beyond the patient-physician relationship adds a depth of importance to the relationship on both sides. This type of partnership allows us to decide the best treatment plans together.

The goal of the Health Program is to practice the best medicine available. Since prevention is better than cure, health preservation is better than health renovation. Each may be appropriate at specific times but getting ahead of disease by a comprehensive screening program is the best way to maintain health and wellness.


This personalized level of care offers benefits far beyond today’s usual care. Understanding the dynamics of an individual‘s health issues, family issues, risks and possible exposures are all important in providing the highest level of care.